Parable of the Lost Bitcoins

There once was a man who found a wallet full of Bitcoins on a piece of land. He sold all his possessions in order to raise enough money to buy this land, and the wallet was then his. But then the evil bankruptcy court found out about the wallet and it was returned to the filthy liar who stole them in the first place. Or that’s how I interpret it.


The folks at Mt.Gox found *some* of the Bitcoins they previously had said had been stolen by “hackers”. CNBC has a story (as do lots of others) and thankfully, as part of the bankruptcy proceedings, and possibly the activities of hackers trying to help the Bitcoins were *found*.

I’m of course suspicious – terribly suspicious. Bitcoins are just so loseable – which isn’t actually a word – but describes how easily these things are stolen. Just ask this TV host. I mean, of what I understand about Bitcoins, they’re held on a public ledger so at any point should you not be able to find who owns any given coin at any given time? Maybe not immediately – but all encryption becomes obsolete eventually – and maybe we’ll learn then who took the Bitcoins from the cookie jar.